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Paragliding Intermediate Course in India

Paragliding Course (Stage 3)
Level :
5-7 days
Advance Trainee
This intermediate paragliding course is designed to learn soaring. Plenty of time is devoted to airtime experience and we go over the basic theory of aerodynamics, site assessment & selection, rules of the air, weather and safety. You learn how to soar, practice maneuvers, altitude and glide judgement. Radio supervision is provided for your comfort and safety.
Main Contents of the Course
  • Perfecting reverse launch
  • Recognition and understanding of different weather & site conditions
  • 180 degree turns & reversals
  • 360 degree turns at various speeds and bank angles
  • Flying at maximum speed, minimum sink and best glide
  • Asymmetric tip folds and big ears
  • Aerobatic maneuvers - wing overs
  • Ridge soaring - extended flights upto an hour
  • Understanding the significance of air speed control, collapses, stalls, spins and turbulence induced collapses.
  • Understanding of emergency procedures
  • Spot landings
  • Paragliding at different sites

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