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Paragliding Novice Course in India

Paragliding Course (Stage 2)
Level :
4-5 days
This course will make you comfortable being in the skies all alone, you learn active piloting skills and develop good judgement and maturity for paragliding. So Happy Landing !!!
Main Contents of the Course
  • Forward and reverse inflation of paraglider
  • Canopy handling and kiting skills
  • Cross wind launches
  • Air speed control
  • Roll and pitch control
  • Alternating S-turns
  • Weight shift turns
  • Introduction to ridge soaring
  • Extended flights
  • Hands off flying & rear riser turns
  • Target landings
  • Flight planning
  • Flight safety
  • Paragliding safety rules & Ridge rules
  • Theory - aerodynamics, airmanship & micro-metrology

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