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Our claim for the true nature oriented adventure and eco programs now endorsed by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), and if you think we are exaggerating please verify by Clicking http://www.wwfindia.org/help/affiliate_wwf/index.cfm. It's an privilege to be a part of NGOs like WWF. Also check our website for India's one of the most diversified but unexplored National Park, Rajaji National Park, Uttaranchal

With advent of new chapters in Organizational development, Sun Holidays has embarked several programs for corporations in India, In this series we have adopted guidelines of AEE (Association For Experiential Education), USA, And developed management games for Employees, Sr. Management, Team Leaders and Top Managements. Where participants are encouraged to participate in specially designed modules spanning from Team Building to Team Dynamics, Coherence, Analytical Thinking and Control. For example these programs far more ahead of indoor motivational workshops in terms of effectiveness as these ensures participation from everyone not just listening to speaker and yield guaranteed true results

We all have heard and read about the Team and specially a winning team, But the foremost QUESTION is how to choose and create a team which have coherence in term of organizational goals and personal goals, And how can we ensure that all the constituents of our team are well suitable (Mean no personal conflicts, psychologically all are complementary to each others). The answers lies in MBTI (Myeres Bragg Type Indicators) (evolved by Myeres and Bragg based on Junganian Psychology) which is well acknowledged theory on Personality Dynamics of an individual, according to MBTI , We all people in the world can be divided in 16 categories.
And if the selection of the team members done on these indicators, SUCCESS is just not far. As if our building has strong foundation the building's chance of bearing shocks become quite fair. So a good corporation always think a winning team, which has viable and like minded (psychologically not necessarily analytically) people. Please Contact Us for More Info
A proven effective tool for Team Building and Strategic Thinking.
Develop the traits of Risk Handling and Goal Setting. Be an Explorer, probably a Rambler
We are cordially inviting you at our eco friendly Camp Ganga Descends in Shivpuri, Uttaranchal. Along with River Rafting take a challenge of Kayaking, River Jumping and Rappelling with your team mates and prove that your team is the BEST !!!
And We'll ensure that you cover those rapids also which "Brad Pitt" has missed
These Air sports provide the much needed excitement after monotonous work, Come to our PARA GLIDING Gurukul, in Bir Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Fly like a Hawk with our Internationally acclaimed Team. Develop the habit of Risk taking and averting (Whenever required), Goal Setting and Strategic Thinking.
Become a Leader and develop leaders' quality in yourself, Lead you team and take them to new vistas of nature's splendor, With Camping in Lush Green Meadows, Forests, Mountains, all this become inevitable temptation. Very good for Health conscious people and nature lover who prefer the serenity to hustle-bustle of daily life and it's must try!!
Thinking to bear the responsibility of whole Organization, just show how much caliber and prowess you have !!
Outsource all the tensions regarding Meetings/ Conferences/ Training Programs.Sun Holidays will like to slack your workload
We have fostered alliances with ITC Welcomgroup, Jaypee Hotels, Le Meridian Hotels and enumerable Nature Resorts in Haryana, Uttaranchal and Himachal.
And who prefer weight loss by Sugar Free we recommend them to try two session of Rock Climbing and Rappelling, weight loss without side effects, Guaranteed!!!.
Corporate Joke        
There's a story about a manager interviewing three prospects, a mathematician, a physicist and an accountant. As a final question he asks each one what is two plus two.

The mathematician replies "Well, assuming we are talking standard base 10 arithmetic, I'd say 4". The physicist replies "Well, ignoring effects of relativity, I'd say 4". The accountant gets up, walks over and closes the door, then comes back and whispers in the manager's ear "How much would you like it to be?".