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All About Paragliding in India, Himachal Pradesh

Lets Flywell

Chirp like birds and transcendent be free

Every one dream to chirp and fly like the birds and crave for flying high has taken the mankind well above the earth but still we dream more, but to take real bliss of flying one needs to be come out of the snug environ of aircraft and use paragliding.

When most people hear about Paragliding for the first time, they confuse it with parasailing (being towed behind a boat) or sometimes parachuting.

What is Paragliding?

The Paraglider canopy is actually a wing, which flies by using exactly the same aerodynamic effects that keep aeroplanes in the sky. However unlike an aeroplane, the beautiful thing about a Paraglider is that they don't require an engine to stay airborne. Forget the confines of airports, the narrow aluminium tube of a passenger jet, and ordinary mortal style flying. Think instead about skimming meters above a remote mountain top in the company of a wedge tailed eagle, flying for hours using only your skill and the invisible lift the air can provide, soaring high and cool over beaches packed with hot and sweaty sunbathers. This is what Paragliding is all about.

How Paraglider works?

Although similar in looks to a parachute, a Paraglider's main design function is for flying and climbing in rising air currents, not floating down to the ground. This is achieved by the sleek shape of the Paraglider canopy, which is called an aerofoil. The aerofoil is the same principle that all aircraft use to fly and creates an upward force when air flows around it. The Paraglider is held in shape by the pressure of the air flowing into the openings at the front.

Amazingly, without the aid of an engine, a Paraglider can stay in the air all day, if the pilot chooses to fly in the rising air currents. Even if the wind stops a Paraglider will continue flying normally and will gradually glide down to the ground. The harness is a comfortable armchair style where you sit back with a padded back support - not hanging by leg straps! Steering is controlled by left and right brake lines, which cause the glider to turn when pulled.

The magic of invisible lift provided free by nature - Paraglider pilots use the same techniques as eagles and other soaring birds to climb high into the sky. When the sun heats the ground it creates pockets of warm air, which eventually break free and float skywards like bubbles. This is called a thermal.

A Paraglider pilot can gently circle in this thermal and climb to the desired height, sometimes thousands of meters above the ground. Another type of lift is generated when wind hits any hill or cliff and is forced to travel upwards. This creates an area of rising air called ridge lift. Apart from the exhilarating views you are part of, another exciting dimension to Paragliding is the amazing feeling of utilising this invisible source of energy. Then you are truly experiencing "free flight", no engines, no noise, just you the sun and the wind.

For All, Magic of Tandem Flights
For those who want to fly but don't have spare time to go after details of the paragliding the best and safest option is Tandem Flights. In Tandem Flights you donot fly the Paraglider alone rather one certified pilot assist you to ride the paraglider, means in the same paraglider you and your pilot fly. This ensures safety in every aspect and for you it's a dream come alive.

After some basic instruction regarding the flying and landing as well as in case emergency how to cope up? after that you and your pilot are securely connected and standing on launch. In a few short steps we become airborne and comfortably seated - unlike skydiving or BASE jumping, Paragliding canopies are inflated before launch so there is no sudden dropping or free falling!
We surf the rising air currents gently climbing to experience a unique perspective only eagles normally enjoy! There is ample time to enjoy the spectacular scenery and even take photos. If conditions allow - It's Your Turn - take the controls and truly experience free flight with the security of having a fully qualified instructor with you. Still want more? - Ask for some aerobatics and experience the wildest roller coaster ride in the sky. Now we are ready to land, a few jogging steps are all that is required to smoothly regain contact with the earth.
What We Offer

Sun Holidays is among very few professional Adventure Tour operator in India with widest range of services for Experienced and Novices in Paragliding, We have a temporary Camp Hawk in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh, the Mecca of Paragliding in India, where we conduct Joy Rides as well as Short duration courses in India for Paragliding.

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