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While we urge for Adventure, Sun Holidays takes care of Safety aspects. We know that Adventure has endowed risk in itself. Though If it can not be defy, it can be repress to miniscule level. Our impeccable record of conducting numerable Workshops for Corporate, Students and Families make us confident to conduct safest yet enchanting adventure tours.

All the equipment used in the Adventure Activities are International accredited equipment and having the High Quality Standards, And their regular check is done to appraise their functionality by our expert team.

Team of Experts
We have teams of trained and experienced outdoor experts who are certified from the prominent National and International Organizations of repute and they are encouraged regularly to refurbish their knowledge on adventure activities and on rescue techniques. In line with international safety standards we always maintain 5 : 1 Outdoor expert to participant ratio on the outdoor programs. This ratio is different on large group programs. All activities are conducted under the supervision of the outdoor experts.

First Aid Kit
Our every programme gear consists of number of First Aid kits depending on the group size. These are regularly updated in consultation with Medical Practitioners. We always tie ups with local primary health centers and hospitals close to our programme sites so that in very short time the affected person get best possible treatment.

We always maintain a Vehicle at our campsites exclusively for medical facilities which can also work as Ambulance in case of emergency.

Preventative Measures
For every program, the participants are required to fill in a information form which includes details like blood group, recent illnesses, current medications if any, Doctor to be called in case of emergency etc. This information is used to design activities and take care and precautionary measures for each individual on the program.
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