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Alliance Mentors

Empowering Mentors Experiential Learning Workshops

Teachers are the ‘true’ mentors of the country as they do the noble work of teaching, imparting the precious knowledge and moulding personalities of the students, who are future of the country. Sun Holidays has designed special workshops for the mentors of the nations, which empower them with competencies of :

  • A scientific understanding of how children visualise, conceptualise, develop and define the world around them.
  • How to customize the teaching method according to students IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) levels ?
  • How to make a classroom really a classroom which is engaging, involving, interesting, exciting and caring ?
  • How to handle stress and tiredness?
  • How to create trust among the students?
  • Team Building and becoming a role model of students.
  • Effective and congruent decision making.
Methodology and Benefit of the Workshops
The methodology is having very preponderance effect on the thinking of the mentors as besides merely relying on the bookish style pedagogy, they start believing in the pragmatic way of imparting education, they feel the immense change in the attitude towards experiential education, this methodlogy encourage not only qualitative analysis but also draw a light on the importance of the quantitative analysis of the topic.

Sun Holidays use the Experiential Education Methodology (based on the guidelines of the AEE(Association for Experiential Education), U.S.A mingling the syllabi with light adventure and recreational activities in an amicable environment, very near to Nature. This includes sessions with prominent Naturalists and Ecologists, jungle safaris, river rafting, rappelling, mountain trekking, eco walk and various other exercises / games.

The program focuses on team building, trust building, teaching, mentoring, engaging and interacting with prominent scholars to get the answers of questions pertaining to Wildlife, Science and Eco System. Participants are introduced to latest concepts in learning and teaching, progressive schooling and classroom practices that pursue real understanding of the subjects.

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