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Alliance Students (Students' Adventure and Nature Conservation Programs)

Alliance Students

Building Responsible Citizens For Tomorrow

A student not only bears the burden of the school bag but also the responsibilities towards tomorrow, which are more weighing. To face the challenges of future the students must be well versed of the physical as well as mental stamina.

Sun Holidays is dedicated towards the creation of such an environment under which :

  • Students learn how to develop their leadership skills ( team building, team leadership etc.)
  • Students learn the building the trust for better approach.
  • Students come to know what are their limits ( physical and mental ) and how to enhance the level of those limits with the help of programs designed by Sun Holidays.
  • Students can overcome their fear factor by specially designed jungle trekking, river jumping, river crossing, rappelling and many more.
  • Students learn survival techniques.

Apart from these skills we organises the special Eco Trips, where the students gets the face to face interactions with Naturalist, Wildlife Specialist, Ecology Specialist, Scholars and Professors. The aims of these trips are to make students well aware of the eco system and know the value of wildlife.

How will it help our school and students ?
Learning inside the school is the best way but sometimes it lacks the creativity in learning approach also. Let us take an example if a teacher is teaching the students about the wildlife and drawing the imaginary pictures of the animals, jungles then it's not so useful than to go inside the jungle and see the real scenario of the jungle as well as wildlife.

The nature looks better from proximity than the faraway.

The schools are the places where everyone learns the art of living, knowledge to get success and capability to bear responsibility. Sun Holidays conducts the workshops which make a student well versed in leadership skills, effective communication skills, stress management, executive skills, team building and learning how to work as a team?, survival techniques and many others, using light adventure sports.
How we do it ? (Pedagogy)
Our approach is to provide adventure and eco trips, which are a combination of safe adventure with lots of fun and various eco, nature and wildlife explorations expeditions for students.

Fun and Learn : Our trips are full of fun and learning experience for the students. They not only perform the adventure activities but also get the knowledge about the flora and fauna of the area, the dwellers of there etc thus giving them a comprehensive and unforgettable outdoor experience.

Safety Aspect : Safety is having topmost priority position on our trips and our impeccable safety record is a witness of that. We proud on our employees and all associates who always maintain the highest level of safety, which is comparable to any safety standards.

Eco Sensibility : We strictly follow the ISO 14000 EMS (Environment Management System) rules and guidelines in our working and closely working with NGOs in Uttaranchal for conserving the Eco System and promoting Organic Agriculture.

Complete Transformation: Developing the students as whole person, who are intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, dexterous, well nourished and healthy. In true way a complete transformation.

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